Bombers Eggbutt Low Pivot



Introducing the newest addition to the Bombers Bits lineup: the Eggbutt Low Pivot Horse Bit! Built with the same world-class quality and craftsmanship that Bombers Bits is known for, this innovative and FEI Dressage Legal bit is designed to provide superior comfort and control for your horse. With its carefully calculated low pivot point, it gives maximum flexion from the poll and jaw, allowing your horse to respond more easily to your commands. Plus, it's available in a variety of sizes and can be pre-ordered for the perfect fit for your horse. Experience the difference with the Bombers Eggbutt Low Pivot bit – the perfect choice for any equestrian!

  • New Release Bombers Eggbutt Low Pivot
  • FEI Dressage Legal
  • Other sizes available by preorder