Bridle Wear - Finesse Bridles

No Ordinary Bridle

Have you tried fitting a finger under the neckpiece of your bridle after having tightened it? You almost can’t fit a finger under there, can you?

​When you buy a Finesse Bridle, you will not have this problem. These Bridles have a completely unique head piece, which is designed to distribute and reduce pressure from the poll on the neck of your horse. 

Technical material

Engineers and other experts are behind this unique padding material. They made study for 10 years to find the right pressure reducing material. This unik material originates from the technology applied in hospital mattresses used for bedbound patients, to avoid issues of pressure sores. 

It is not memory-foam, but a uniquely designed fibre-material that allows the blood-flow to remain intact, in the parts of the body, in contact with the material. 

The name behind this unique bridle, is quite simply.. Finesse®

Cathrine Dufour

Well known and respected Grand Prix Dressage rider, Cathrine Dufour has worked with us and tested the Finesse Bridles for over 2 years on several of her horses. Cathrine provided invaluable input into the design and fit details and helped ensure that correct adjustments were made. This long term collaboration and testing has resulted in a bridle collection that truly delivers on style, functionality and above all comfort for the horse.

“The fit of a bridle has a lot of importance for the comfort of your horse. That’s why I have been helping with the shape and design of FinesseBridles® and also the reason why I use them on all my horses” Cathrine Dufour.