Bombers Bits

Bombers is a well-known South African company that has been designing and manufacturing quality bits, spurs and other equestrian products for over 30 years. The company specialises in providing innovative solutions to the most challenging problems horse riders face, especially when choosing the right bit to help your horse perform at its best.  Bombers now offers bits to suit horses and riders participating in in a wide variety of disciplines like Dressage, Eventing, Show Jumping, Polo, Polocrosse, Cutting and Campdrafting, Pony Showing, Endurance and Icelandic.

Bombers products are made specifically to reflect the company’s core belief that:

Pressure = Resistance = Lack of Control

Basically, this acknowledges that a horse is an animal of flight that will run from, rather than yield to, pressure or pain. As such, the products/tools that achieve the best result in terms of the rider’s goals need to remove pressure or distribute it over a larger, more comfortable surface to encourage the horse to produce a better, more willing performance.

Bombers products are handmade onsite in the company’s South African manufacturing plant, with careful attention to quality and detail. For example, every single component that makes up their spurs and bits is laser cut, formed into shape, welded and ground my hand to achieve the perfect finish. The result is simply … world class — horse products that achieve the kind of results users can’t praise highly enough.

Bombers bits are famous for their striking and beautiful deep blue colour across the mouth piece. This is commonly believed to be an artificial coating; however, it’s the result of heat-treating sweet iron and is meant to gradually fade over time, with no effect on a bit’s performance.  More information is available at