Fager Bits and Accessories

Fager Bits of Sweden    

Details make the difference and we will always prove our point with science.
Fager is a modern brand taking bit developing to the next level.
Fager work with pressure points, to divide the pressure where your horse feel the most comfortable. Every design is developed with a type of horse in mind.
We are turning old knowledge to the edge, why put a thick and heavy bit inside your horse mouth when you can use a lighter option that takes up less space? Designed and developed together with veterinarians.


Pressure points.

The horse today do not look the same as for only 50 years ago. We want them quicker, respond faster and more alert to our aids.

They are more sensitive than ever before and we must adapt and not prevent them to be the best they can.

The pressure from the bit will always be there, if you take some pressure away from one point - it will be more on another.

Everything needs to be taken in consideration when developing new designs.

Top quality.

When you choose Fager, we promise you quality from day one.

We stand behind our products and guarantee you will be happy in many years after purchasing a product from us.

Any problem will be solved quick and easy, so you will never have to worry about being unsatisfied with the quality of our products.

We will never let that happen. 

Short centerpieces.

We have seen severe damage to the bars and palate due to long centerpieces.

When the joints are placed on top of the bars and pressure is applied together with the friction from left and right rein, you can imagine how uneven the pressure will be. 

Thinner bars & joints.

For many years we were told thinner bits was sharper than thicker bits, due to the pressure on a smaller surface.

What we have seen, and also measure, is  that thinner bars and joints ads more freedom inside the mouth without locking the tongue.

A thicker bit is not only wider, it is also higher. The upper bar will press is down on the lower bar with more pressure than a thinner bit will create and give constant pressure to one spot.