Fager Charlotte Titanium Weymouth





Fager Charlotte is recommended if you would describe your horse as the following:

  • Has a large fleshy tongue, larger than most horses.
  • Pulls against the reins.
  • Requires more freedom to maintain a better connection.
  • Easily develops cuts/sores on the bars/corners of the mouth.


    Charlotte's mouthpiece incorporates a comfortable, wide-ported Weymouth bit made from the fantastic material - Titanium. The port is designed to be bent with a 45° angle over the tongue, which allows the tongue additional space and freedom, encouraging the horse to work forward and down into the contact.

    Anoblast™ is Fager´s unique process which produces the highest quality Titanium bits on the market today! The grey coloring is a natural consequence of the manufacturing process, no coloring is added.

    Together with Fager's Titanium Bridoon, this lightweight set weighs only 400 grams(approx.) which is less than a regular double bridle!

    Charlotte is the ‘go-to’ choice if you are uncertain about how your horse will react in a Weymouth. It works for horses with smaller and bigger/wider tongues, without creating pressure on the sensitive bars.

    The chain is a key feature which acts to distribute the pressure between the mouth poll and chin. Hooks and chain are included.

    Hooks and chain are included

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