Fager Charles Sweet Iron Weymouth



Shank Length
  • Has a large fleshy tongue, larger than most horses.
  • Pulls against the reins.
  • Requires more stability and encouragement to maintain a better connection.
  • Easily develops cuts/sores on the bars/corners of the mouth.

Charles mouthpiece incorporates a comfortable, wide-ported Weymouth bit in grey Sweet Iron. The port is designed to be bent with a 45° angle over the tongue, which allows the tongue additional space and freedom, encouraging the horse to work forward and down into the contact.

The Sweet Iron is used to encourage the horse to accept the bit and carry it correctly in the mouth.

Charles is the ‘go-to’ choice if you are uncertain about how your horse will react in a Weymouth. It works for horses with smaller and bigger/wider tongues, without creating pressure on the sensitive bars.

The chain is a key feature which acts to distribute the pressure between the mouth poll and chin.

Hooks and chain are included.

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