Winning Tongue Plate D-Ring (Normal Plate)

Winning Tongue Plate

 Great bit for young horses and breakers. The cheekpieces give the horse stability and direction with turning aids. Whilst the mouthpiece of a WTP is gentle and distributes the pressure across the mouth.

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How and Why WTP Bits work:


Winning Tongue Plate Benefits:

  • Stops bit pinching the tongue
  • Stope the tongue going over the bit
  • Stops roof rubbing and lips pinching
  • Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth
  • Stops the horse headshaking, pulling, bolting
  • Stops the horse hanging, rearing, bucking
  • Stops displacement of the soft palate
  • Stops the mouth opening and respiratory noise
  • Better oxygen supply therefore better speed
  • Amazing soft and responsive contact
  • The horse is happier and easier to control 


Bit Thickness: 16mm

Available in sizes:  5" Only