Trust Amsterdam Anatomic Bridle with Flash

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The TRUST Amsterdam is a stunning bridle that stands out with its decorative stitching on the browband and noseband. The noseband is entirely anatomically designed and extra wide in the middle. It also features super soft padding for extra comfort. The flash strap has a buckle protector meaning the buckle never touches the horse's nose. The headpiece is anatomically shaped and cut back to allow more freedom at the ears. The padding is soft but not too thick so that direct contact with the horse is maintained. 

TRUST  Amsterdam is made from the highest quality European full-grain leather, which is smooth and supple and gets even better over time. Thanks to its superior quality, the TRUST Amsterdam is built to last. All aspects of the design take the modern horse's anatomy into consideration. These features ensure that the TRUST Amsterdam offers a perfect fit. 

•    TRUST Verden features a subtle TRUST logo on the headpiece and the browband.
•    TRUST Verden is packaged in two one-of-a-kind towels.
•    The TRUST Verden is available in black with silver buckles or with a white padded noseband.
•    All buckles are brass nickle plated to prevent rust.

Reins not supplied

Black or Brown with silver buckles