Sprenger Loose Ring Snaffle KK Ultra 18mm 40606




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Bit Thickness: 18mm

Rings: 70mm

Sensogan mouthpiece with stainless steel rings

KK ULTRA – Compared to conventional bits, the double jointed KK ULTRAs have a middle link – also known as the bean – that is shortened and angled forward by 45°.

Horse Bit Emporium Advice: Typically, in Australia we use 14mm bits. We have seen in Europe, the normal thickness used is 16mm. The thicker the bit, the softer the vibration of the aid is for the horse, from the rein. Some sensitive horses who have enough room in their mouth, prefer the 18mm. We see this particularly in jumping. Thicker bits also assist with horses who have a tendency to split the corners of their mouths