Sprenger DS Weymouth 16mm




Sprenger DS Weymouth 16mm

  • Product Code: 42262
  • Shank Length: 7cm
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 16mm
  • Metal: Sensogan Mouthpiece, stainless steel sides.

 The ergonomically shaped port of this Weymouth offers broad space for the tongue and is angled forward by 30°. Particularly comfortable for horses that are irritated by a cramped tongue as the bit reduces the pressure on the sensitive borders of the tongue. The horse‘s motivation is enormously increased and the rider benefits from a better contact.


Also available in

Aurigan Mouth/aurigan sides, Aurigan mouth/stainless steel sides, Sensogan mouth/Aurigan sides. If you are requiring one of these metals, please place you order via email: Loren@horsebitemporium.com