Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups


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  • Style: 44266
  • Also referred to as Sprenger Peacock Stirrups


The advantages of the Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrups:
• bow form for a perfect fit
• superb strength and enhanced security
• pivoting into 4 directions simultaneously
• maximum comfort
• tread with two types of rubber hardness for a better grip
• softens the impact on cartilage and ligaments
• wide tread for a perfect balance

 The bow that puts you on a winning curve.

 The stirrup design ensures an improved leg position. The changed weight ratio on these stirrups results in perfect balance and greater comfort for the rider. The widened tread is made out of two types of rubber properties and takes effect in shock absorbing grip.

The internationally approved System 4 technology of these stirrups can support the release of the foot in case of an emergency. Flexible in 4 directions it softens the impact on the rider‘s cartilage and ligaments without creating an unstable feeling for the rider. Bow Balance design provides easy “pick up“ upon mounting as they require very little effort on the rider’s part – a simple touch of the foot to the stirrup and it gently folds onto the rider’s foot.

Bow Balance Stirrups – for a smart riding experience.

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