Myler Small Baucher MB02




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Introducing the Myler Small Baucher MB02 Level 1 Horse Bit! A perfect bit for a wide range of horses. This wide barrel comfort snaffle features an independent side movement and a stainless steel with copper inlay mouth. The Myler Bitting System Level 1 makes it easier for the rider to communicate with the horse. This bit is designed for comfort, giving the horse a softer and more secure feel in the mouth. With the Myler Small Baucher MB02, you can be sure that your horse is receiving the best care and a pleasant riding experience.

Myler Small Baucher MB02 Level 1

  • MB02 Mouthpiece
  • Wide Barrel Comfort Snaffle with Independent Side Movement)
  • Stainless Steel with Copper Inlay Mouth
  • Level 1 - Myler Bitting System