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Myler Loose Ring Snaffle MB06    Level 2-3 - The Bit Emporium


Myler Loose Ring Snaffle MB06 Level 2-3


Myler Loose Ring Snaffle MB06

*New FEI & EA Ruling Sept '16 have ruled this bit as Dressage Legal*

This is a great Myler Snaffle with a low port to alleviate pressure on the horses tongue. If you find that your horse resists the bit, throws his head, evades contact or attempts to get his tongue over the bit, you may find that a Myler bit with a port will assist him. This great bit has just been accepted into the rule books of EA and FEI, so you can now use the Loose Ring Snaffle version of this bit in competition.

  • Bit Specifications:
  • Low Port Mullen Barrel
  • Myler Design: (MB 06, Level 2-3) .
  • Stainless Steel with Copper Inlay Mouth
  • Myler Bitting = Determining My Horse's Level
  • Level 2-3
  • - Basic training with a good deposition and self-control, can handle more tongue relief

  • - Advanced training but a challenging disposition - anxious, aggressive or fearful

  • - Riding in a Level 2 mouthpiece and showing resistance

  •  Horse Bit Emporium Notes: For tailored MYLER ONLY bitting advice, Horse Bit Emporium highly recommend that you trial the "Bitting Assistant" offered through Myler. Myler offer a questionnaire to then tailor a bitting recommendation for you and your horse. Click on the following link:

  • Myler Bitting Assistant

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