Finesse Snaffle Bridle - Black with Matte Black RRP $645

Finesse Bridles

Finesse bridles have been ergonomically designed to give your horse the best possible fit, comfort and performance. A seriously stylish bridle, using the best English leather, Finesse has created this exceptional bridle which will reduce pressure and give your horse comfort through use.

Technical Material: Engineers and other experts are behind this unique padding material. They made study for 10 years to find the right pressure reducing material. This unik material originates from the technology applied in hospital mattresses used for bedbound patients, to avoid issues of pressure sores. 

It is not memory-foam, but a uniquely designed fibre-material that allows the blood-flow to remain intact, in the parts of the body, in contact with the material. 

The name behind this unique bridle, is quite simply.. Finesse®

Colour: Black with Matte Black Noseband on Black & silver buckles

Reins sold separately 

CLEARANCE: No Returns or Exchanges