Fager Oscar Titanium Baby Fulmer



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Fager Oscar is suitable if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Sensitive for pressure, unstable in the contact
  • Struggles to connect with the contact
  • Can be hard to steer
  • Has sensitive mouth corners
  • Unbalanced

Oscar is a lightweight double-jointed bit, made of the durable metal Titanium. It is designed with a 30mm lozenge at the centre of the mouthpiece which lies flat against the horse’s tongue. This straight design places the pressure more on the tongue and less on the bars.

Oscar has a smooth front lock which gives the horse the stability they need to seek out the contact more easily, building the confidence and improving the balance.

Baby Fulmer is a registered design by Fager. This sidepiece will give you a mix between the loose and fixed rings. The Fulmers will lay close to the horse’s side, helps with steering, and keep the mouthpiece steady. The loose rings are placed further away from the mouth corners, and this will put the pressure further down and inwards, encourage the horse to lift in the front, come back to your hand, and avoid a stiff feeling towards the bit. It is a very comfortable choice for many horses and a great start for a youngster. Baby Fulmer is FEI approved, even for dressage.