Fager Maria Titanium Kimblehook




Fager Maria is a good choice if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Can be strong but still sensitive.
  • Attempts to evade the bit.
  • Fussy in the contact.
  • Sensitive tongue
  • Refuses to accept the bit or will only accept it for short periods.
  • Drops/chews on the bit, generally feeling uncomfortable.

The effect of the Kimblehook is more direct than found when using curbs with longer shanks: the lower the rein is placed on the sides, the sharper effect this bit will create.

Fager Maria has everything you could want from a bit! It is an incredibly comfortable bit featuring 100% super smooth surfaces, including the joints.

Maria’s joints are designed to never press against the sides of the palate or create uneven pressure over the bars. It is an extremely comfortable bit which contours naturally around the tongue, relieving the bars from constant pressure.

Hooks and chain are included.