Fager Liam Sweet Iron Mullen Butterfly Bit



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Fager Liam is the ideal choice If you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Don't trust the bit, needs to have a stable contact
  • Develops cuts, sores, and rubs easily at the corners of the mouth.
  • Strong but still sensitive


Fager Liam is a Straight Butterfly Driving bit, sometimes used as a Jumping bit too. Our bits are designed to have a 100% smooth surface, including around the joints. The joints are designed and constructed to ensure they never push against the palate or sit on top of the bars. All these clever features result in an extremely comfortable bit which naturally fits the contours of the tongue.

The straight, slim design enhances the aids, creating more direct and precise communication than ever before.

This design is an ideal choice for sensitive mouthed horses who easily cut, rub and bruise.

Specially suitable driving it has enhanced impact and control and helps support the horses in tight turns.

Butterfly sidepiece allow variation of the leverage to suit different situations and horses:

For maximum leverage, attach the reins to the bottom ring.

For a mix which emulates a mix of a Baucher bit and loose rings, attach the reins to the highest ring.

Chain and hooks are included.