Fager Julia Sweet Iron Show Pelham




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Fager Julia is suitable if you would describe your horse as the following;

  • Strong, pulls/leans on the bit.
  • Inconsistent in the contact.
  • Gets high in the neck.

Julia's double-jointed mouthpiece creates space for the tongue, relieving constant pressure.

The Roller is positioned further down than the joints to increase the point-pressure on the tongue. Creating pressure when your horse pulls or feels heavy in your hand without creating consistent pressure.

The roller also allows horses something to play with, perfect for horses who can feel numb to the contact.

The combination of sweet iron and copper creates a taste in the mouth which is accepted even by the most sensitive or picky horses. It effectively works to increase acceptance and a steady contact.

The ultimate sidepiece to create a frame for horses who have a tendency to become fixed on the bit.

The Show Pelham sidepiece is similar in design to a regular pelham, however the clever design creates greater flexibility. The action generates a softer feeling in the rider’s hands, giving a more fluid, less rigid feeling than you have using a regular pelham.

The loose ring is placed on the outer side which allows the horse to bend more freely and comfortably, thus encouraging a sharper, quicker response to the aid.

The outer placing of the loose ring also helps to establish an uplifting effect. The side pieces are fixed to prevent any pinching whilst adding greater stability.

We recommend using the Show pelham with a delta bridle or two reins, one in the large loose ring and one in the small ring.

With two reins, you can easily regulate how much leverage you want from the bit by shortening, or lengthening, the rein that is attached to the bottom ring. With more leverage, you get a slightly lower neck and more effect, with less leverage you can get the horse a bit higher in the neck with less effect. If you use Fager's adjustable delta, you have the same choice without having to use 2 reins.

This unique design acts as a curb version of the Loose Baucher.