Fager Bob Baby Pelham Black - LIMITED EDITION



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Bob Baby pelham is developed with ultimate comfort in the forefront of the design, our specialist engineering has produced a 100% smooth surface, incorporating the entire bit – allowing absolute fluidity and freedom in the mouth!

The straight mouthpiece gives the horse a stable, still feeling which can help a strong but careful horse to get a more consistent contact.

The Baby Pelham sidepiece creates a frame feeling for horses who have a tendency to become unstable but still strong.

Fager recommend using the Baby pelham with a delta bridle or two reins, one in the large fixed ring and one in the small ring.

With two reins, you can easily regulate how much leverage you want from the bit by shortening, or lengthening, the rein that is attached to the bottom ring. With more leverage, you get a slightly lower neck and more effect, with less leverage you can get the horse a bit higher in the neck with less effect. If you use Fager’s adjustable delta, you have the same choice without having to use 2 reins.

Stainless Steel

Thickness: 12mm. Shank 4cm