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Bombers Weymouth R75 Happy Tongue TITANIUM



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The Weymouth, or curb bit, in a double bridle consists of a mouthpiece with shanks and a curb chain. Happy Tongue has a forward cut, whilst the Happy Tongue Straight is upright. Therefore making the Happy Tongue softer than the Happy Tongue Straight.

The Weymouth works on several parts of a horse's head and mouth. The bit mouthpiece acts on the bars, tongue and roof of the mouth. The shanks add leverage and place pressure on the poll via the crownpiece of the bridle, to the chin groove via the curb chain, and, especially with a "loose jaw" shank, may act on the sides of the mouth and jaw. This mouthpiece is curved and softer than another Bombers Weymouth style called Happy Tongue Straight.

Supplied with English Curb Chain and hooks.

Shank: 75mm. Rounded Shanks - preferred in the show ring

Mouthpiece Thickness: 13mm

15mm for sizes 135mm up.

Other sizes not listed are available by preorder. Please msg us or email: