Bombers Pelham Elliptical | PREORDER | Sweet Iron or Titanium


Shank Length

6wk Preorder


Options above will highlight with the allowed manufactured configurations for that material or size.

The Pelham has attachments for two reins, one near the mouthpiece and one at the end of the shank. Some riders, may prefer to use rein connectors. The Pelham shank will exert moderate poll pressure and leverage on the mouthpiece and curb.

The Elliptical is stronger than the Control Plate due to it concentrating pressure onto a smaller surface area. This bit will suit a horse that pushes the bit with its tongue. The horse will draw its head back and tuck its chin in, finding a better balance of control.

Cheekpiece: 55mm Shank

Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece can be optionally more curved, creating a more comfortable bend  than the conventional, which reduces pinch and spreads pressure points around the bars.

Now available in Titanium and Sweet Iron. Sweet Iron available in 14mm and 16mm. Titanium available in 13mm or 16mm.