Which Bit for my Off The Track Thoroughbred?

Thoroughbreds usually have a fine mouth to bit. Small mouthed, usually low palate, not much room for the bit. Sometimes super sensitive and others can be dull to the aids. More times overs, straight off the track they pull against the hand, yet then can change quickly to being sensitive by carrying their head high and resistant to contact. 

Here are my recommendations for the early transition days:


1. Trust Eggbutt Inno Sense Flexi Soft

Soft flexible bit to allow the horse to soften into the contact. Better for the TB who travels head high yet soft. Also good for the horse who may have mouth splits. Dressage Legal (PC check your state)

Trust Eggbutt Inno Sense Flexi Soft - Horse Bit Emporium


2. Bombers Eggbutt Flexible Mullen 18mm

Mouthpiece is similar to that of garden tubing. Also recommend for the horse that carries head high, but he perhaps wants to pull. Dressage Legal

Bombers Eggbutt Flexible Mullen 18mm - Horse Bit Emporium


3. Fager Nils Sweet Iron 

Steady head carriage, yet we are wanting to introduce him to a metal bit. The link is a barrel that reduces movement of the bit. Keeping him steady and not confusing the aids. Soft style which is also good for the OTT which may pull through the aids. Dressage Legal

Fager Nils Sweet Iron Fixed Ring - Horse Bit Emporium


4. Winning Tongue Plate Eggbutt - Normal Plate

A great transitioning bit, will teach your OTT to come more into the contact. Giving more weight in the rein. Great for pleasure riding/training as Not Dressage Legal. 

 Winning Tongue Plate Eggbutt - Horse Bit Emporium

5. Bombers Ultra Comfy Lock Up

A sweet iron bit that offers 50% Tongue Relief and 50% Jaw Relief. The single joint has a lock which prevents the cannons of the bit collapsing onto the bars (jaw) of the horse. Offering small amount of tongue relief will have the horse come more into the hand. Dressage Legal

Bombers Eggbutt Ultra Comfy Lock Up - Horse Bit Emporium