Favourite Five: Synthetic Bits

Synthetic bits are a great option for horses. They are softer than metal bits, allow a horse to trust the contact, let a horse recover from mouth injury and can also dull down the feeling from stronger or novice hands. 

Here are our five most commonly used synthetic bits:

1. Bombers Moulded Mullen

This bit is the most flexible and softest of synthetic bits. It has a flattening over the center of the mouthpiece which when rein aid is applied, then creates a slightly ported shape. This provides the horse room for his tongue. This style is recommended for a horse who does not want to take the contact (at all). The thickness of these sits at 16mm and 14mm for sizes 115/105mm. Dressage Legal

Bombers Moulded Mullen - Horse Bit Emporium


2. Trust Inno Sense Flexi Soft 

The Trust is a thicker style, usually less chewable material (however does not exclude from being chewed). This style is great for sensitive horses who are inconsistent on and off the contact, yet perhaps may pull a little through the lighter Bombers option. Recommend these for horses who split in the mouth, the surface area and diameter of the bit assist with dispersion of pressure across the lip. Dressage Legal

Trust Inno Sense Flexi Soft - Horse Bit Emporium


3. i-Bride Synthetic Bit Range

This is an amazing range designed by a French Equine Dentist of over 20years experience in the industry. His observation of mouth damage caused by contact has lead to the i-Bride to be developed. The range offers soft to hard mouthpieces, but also offering the amount of flexiblity a rider desires from the mouthpiece. These styles are thinner similar to the first style above. Worth a read on this range! 

i-Bride Synthetic Bit Range - Horse Bit Emporium


4. Happy Mouth Snaffle

Happy Mouth is a hard plastic which is most commonly seen with the ridges on the mouthpiece. The ridges apply tongue pressure and it can therefore be seen as one of the firmer synthetic bits. A lot of riders like this range for jumping as the ridges on the mouthpiece assist with brakes. Allowed in Eventing Dressage

Happy Mouth Snaffle - Horse Bit Emporium


5. Meroth Original Snaffle

This bit is a jumping only style. Recommended for the horse who dislikes metal bits yet pulls in all other synthetic styles. The angle of the leather sits on the horses tongue and has a precise feel to it. This style needs to be soaked overnight in vegetable oil, then left to drip dry before use. This is a one time process. 

Meroth Original Snaffle - Horse Bit Emporium