Sprenger Flexible Rubber Mouth Pelham 42108




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Stainless steel rings with thick, soft flexible rubber mouth for horses with sensitive mouths. It comes complete with a double link curb chain.

The pelham bit is used with both snaffle and curb reins but unlike a Weymouth & Bradoon, it only has one mouthpiece. Use of the curb rein acts on poll pressure and chin (via the curb chain), while direct pressure on the snaffle rein acts on the side of the mouth.

The use of Pelham Roundings convert this bit's use to a single rein only, and this reduces the normal curb action that a pelham bit delivers. 

Suitable For: This bit is popular amongst riders in the Jumping and Eventing disciplines, who find they have a strong horse who ploughs through contact, yet requires a soft material mouthpiece. The softer mouthpiece can avoid rubbing on the corners of the horses mouth, soften the blow on the rider snatching over jumps or is simply that step up to a Pelham without the severity of a stainless steel hard metal in the horses mouth.

Mouth Thickness:  18mm
Cheek Length:  140mm

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