Sprenger Dynamic RS Universal 16mm



This 3-Ring bit enables 4 different ways of attaching the reins to the bit. It is therefore very versatile and extremely popular among Jumpers as it offers the opportunity to achieve more control when needed. The unique mouthpiece eliminates the nut cracker action of conventional single jointed bits. Highly recommended for swift downward transitions and for control and quick change of direction in the speed classes. Turns can also be ridden with ease as this bit offers more control than a standard loose ring snaffle. 

  • ergonomically shaped, allowing a soft and even distribution of pressure, middle link angled forward by 45°
  • fits exactly between tongue and palate
  • extremely versatile - offers 4 different rein options
  • depending on where the reins are attached, varying degrees of lever action intensify the rider‘s aids
  • using a curb strap can limit the poll pressure and additionally acts onto the lower jaw
  • the lever action has a slight delay due to the lateral offset position of the upper ring
  • ideal to master technically difficult passages in showjumping courses

Sensogan mouthpiece with stainless steel sides

Bit Thickness: 16mm

Ring Diameter: 70mm



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