Beris Loose Ring Butterfly Soft Mullen Bar Bit 65244



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The butterfly bar represents an absolute innovation in the field of mouthpieces. The anatomically correct shape combined with a broader surface in the tongue area creates the optimum amount of room for this very important and sensitive muscle with the possibility of a very gentle effect. Horses show they are feeling at ease by increased chewing and more acceptance of the bit. If a stronger effect on the horse‘s mouth is needed, the angulation of the bit in the mouth can be altered with a sidepiece that acts as a lever. The resulting increased pressure on specific points can then achieve the communication desired. When the pressure is reduced, the butterfly bar reverts immediately to the comfortable position. The loose ring means greater mobility of the bit in the mouth. This bit is therefore meant for horses who prefer a "more mobile" in the mouth. The ring runs very evenly in its copper sockets and this increases the lifespan of the bit substantially.


18mm thickness