Beris Loose Ring Bradoon Single Jointed Bit




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Beris Loose Ring Single Jointed plastic mouthpiece is particularly slim in its dimensions - broad contact areas and a low height ensure more comfort even in smaller horse mouths. The surface of the plastic is very smooth and slides well in the mouth, even with horses that produce little saliva. The mouthpiece lies on the tongue and lips with its broad contact surface and, with its smooth profile, subtly merges into a rotated, fitted, olive shape. The joints and middle piece are finely worked, and assembled so as to match the low height of the mouthpiece. We guarantee that the bit rings slide smoothly as a result of the incorporated copper sockets.
Precision rein management and subtle communication close to the ideal with the new single- and double-jointed bits from beris!

Protection of the mouth is important, from bit ring to the complicated cheekpiece: every metal part is shaped by hand, welded and polished to perfection.
The innovative design of the mouthpiece also ensures a better acceptance of the bit and facilitates subtle communication between horse and rider. The Beris mouthpieces are made of a food safe plastic, processed and with a surface finish unequalled so far in the field of plastic bits. Their surface is very smooth and they slide easily in the mouth, even if the horse doesn´t produce much saliva. Practically all horses like the Beris mouthpieces. They produce saliva, chew more and accept the bit readily. True Made in Germany craftmanship.

Mouthpiece thickness: 18 mm

Rings: 60mm

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