Winderen Flexi Mullen Mouth Loose Ring



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Winderen Loose Ring Flexi Mullen Mouth 

Thickness: 18mm

This is not an interchangeable mouthpiece 

• 1 Year Warranty
• Horse-friendly gel mouthpieces
 Durable against destruction from chewing
 Interchangeable cheek pieces system
A big challenge in the design phase was to make a bit’s mouthpiece that’s both soft and comfortable for horses and strong enough to hold up to chewing. After many attempts, we finally managed to achieve it. The soft, gel structure is willingly chewed and accepted by horses and at the same time is extremely resistant to being destroyed by chewing.
Winderen gel bits for horses comply with the 25th edition of the FEI Dressage Rules, the 27th edition of the FEI Jumping Rules and the 25th edition of the FEI Eventing Rules.