Winderen Pelham 3-Pack


Mouthpiece Style
Mouthpiece Colour

Winderen Gel Bits bits are made of durable synthetic gel that’s comfortable and readily accepted by horses, and at the same time is extremely resistant to being destroyed by chewing

Designed for:

  • Horses that have problems with getting on the bit and yielding to the hand
  • Sensitive horses that have difficulty accepting a metal mouthpiece
  • Horses that destroy synthetic bits by chewing on them
  • Horses allergic to metal bits

Thickness: 16mm

This is an Interchangeable Pelham Set, which comes with:

  • 1 x  Mouthpiece; Orange or White could be supplied. Please email us a preference
  • 1 x Short Shank Cheekpiece
  • 1 x Standard Shank Cheekpiece
  • 1 x Long Shank Cheekpiece
  • Hook & Chain