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Eldonian Weymouth Double Bit Set

Eldonian Weymouth Double Bridle Bit Set


Manufacted by eJeffries Saddlery in Europe, this great Stainless steel Weymouth Bit is a cost effective bit or a great first Weymouth.

A Weymouth or Weymouth Curb is an English bit comes with a Bradoon in a Double Bridle. Commonly used in the Dressage or Show Ring.

Comes with:

  • Weymouth Bit
  • Loose Ring Bradoon
  • Curb Chain
  • Free Postage Australia wide

Sizing: Select your current snaffle size. You will be sent a bradoon in your normal bit size and a Weymouth 1/4 size smaller. Example: 3.75" Bit Set comes with: 3.75" Bradoon & 3.5" Weymouth.

5" & 5.5" Set contains same sizing in both bits due to limited sizes available. 


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