Bombers Dressage Control Plate Weymouth Set


Weymouth Size
Bradoon Size

A popular set for the horse seeking the riders hand

Bradoon: Bombers Loose Ring Bradoon Control Plate Dressage

14mm Thickness, 68mm Rings

Weymouth: Bombers Weymouth F55 Happy Tongue 

14mm Thinkness, 55mm Flat Shanks.

Sweet Iron

Dressage Legal (not Eventing Dressage)

The Control Plate Dressage is a straighter mouthpiece with a flat plate that lays on the horses tongue., This bradoon will ask for the head to come down and in as the plate is wider; more surface area. Matches up lovely with a Bombers Weymouth Happy Tongue. This Weymouth has flat set shanks.

Whilst typically you would choose your bradoon to be 5mm bigger than your weymouth, in this style, should your horse have a thick tongue,. you may need to consider the bradoon being 10mm larger than your weymouth. 

PreOrder 4-6wks. Whilst we do keep most of these combinations in stock, should there be a component requiring ordering, both pieces will be posted together. You will be notified within 24hrs of ordering whether there will be a wait time.