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The Macs Equine Pee Wee Horse bit is revolutionary in design. Recommended and loved by legendary Australian horsemen Guy McLean and Steve Brady and are now used worldwide to great acclaim.  The Pee Wee bit is unlike any other bit on the market. This bit is so comfortable and kind in the horse’s mouth it gives the horse freedom to learn in a painless way!

The three unique features of the Pee Wee Horse bit

1. The Macs Equine Pee Wee bit is unique in that it is the only bit that has a floating mouth piece! This unique feature prevents the horse’s tongue being pinched against the teeth, as a result the horse does not learn to put its tongue over the bit. It also allows the horse to eat and drink freely as the horses tongue can move freely with the floating mouth piece.

2. The Macs Equine Pee Wee bit has a thinner mouth piece which allows room in the horse’s mouth for both the mouth piece and the tongue, as research shows 80% of horses have low palates and the majority of traditional bits have thick mouth pieces which create constant bruising to the soft palate. The Pee Wee has a sweet iron mouth piece that stimulates saliva and prevents the horse’s mouth from drying out. Sweet iron also tastes great to a horse and promotes a pleasurable experience.

3. The Pee Wee is the only bit on the market where the big rings do not contact the sensitive side of the horses face. The Pee wee eliminates the horses lips being forced against the teeth. In other bits the pinching causes the horse pain and results in the horse leaning on the bit and tossing its head to the side. The large rings of the Pee Wee fold back over the outside of the small side bars. These unique side bars keep the rings away from the lips. The side bars are strategically positioned just outside of the lower jaw and only contact the jaw when rein contact is given, giving a clear signal to the horse to move away from the pressure. The side bars are a revolutionary feature that creates a direct signal on the outside of the horses jaw and makes it easy for the horse to understand the command given.

Now that you know what the Pee Wee bit does let me share with you the benefit’s that can be achieved an the negative behavior that will disappear when you change to using a PEE WEE horse Bit.

No more head tossing, lugging, tongue over the bit or laying on the bit!

Take away the pain from inside the horse’s mouth, take away the nutcracker action and take away the pinching on the side of the horse’s mouth. No more confusing signals. The Pee Wee bit provides horses with a comfortable and relaxing experience

The Pee Wee is light weight and has a passive action. When the signal is directed it comes from the outside of the lower jaw with a pressure that is easy for the horse to understand and move away from. With even pressure down onto the bars it encourages the horse to flex down at the pole, which means the horse is down over the bit and is in a better position to work rather than getting behind the bit and having its head in the air.

Smooth turns, better stops, happier horses that quickly understand what is being asked of them. No more bit sliding through the corners of the horse’s mouth as direct applied pressure comes from the side of the horses face.

The Pee Wee is wonderful for starting young horses as it takes away painful pressure and gives the horse a direct signal that is easy for the horse to understand so their first experience is a good one. The Pee Wee is excellent for any type of discipline, from recreational riding to carriage driving.

The Pee Wee sits differently than any other bit. It requires you to lower your cheek straps a few holes when fitting up the bit to your existing bridle. There should only be a slight bulge and no wrinkles in the corner of the horse’s mouth. This is because the Pee Wees mouth piece sits further forward over the tongue and bars than conventional bits making it very comfortable for the horse.

The chin strap on the Pee wee bit is designed to hold the bit in place. It has NO curb action and puts no pressure on the chin. Our packaging makes it easy in fitting up the bit as the coloured labels indicate where to place the straps and reins of your bridle.





12 hands and under

Shetlands or similar.


12.1 hands to 15 hands

Ponies, Galloways, small Thoroughbreds, small Cobs, Arabs, Morgan’s, Stock horses, small Quarter horses.


15.1 hand to 16.1 hands

Large Cobs,  Hackneys ,Large Quarter horses, large Thoroughbreds, Paints, Appaloosas, Suffolk’s Paints, Appaloosas, small Warmbloods


16.2 hands and over

Warmbloods, Irish Drafts, Belgians, Clydesdales.