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Myler Comfort Snaffle Full Cheek with Hooks - MB02


  • Full Cheek With Hooks
  • Stainless Steel with Copper Inlay Mouth
  • Level 2
  • MB02 Mouthpiece (Low Port Comfort Snaffle with Independent Side Movement). The MB02 mouthpiece offers a slight (1/4") port which allows for more tongue relief than a MB01 Myler bit. This type of mouthpiece collapses to form a "U" instead of a "V" shape, protecting the lips and the bars of the mouth.
  • Independent Side Movement
  • The Barrel in the centre acts as a bushing, allowing each side of the bit to move independently of the other. When you lift one rein, only one side of the bit moves, giving the horse a very clear signal. This provides excellent should control as well as lateral flexion.
  • Modified Snaffle Cheeks = "Hooks"
  • The "hooks" are slots that keep the bridle fixed in place and create two rein positions. This bit does not have a lower hook, just one at the top of the cheek piece to attach the bridle cheek strap. By attaching your bridle cheek piece to the top hook, it applies a direct rein action
  • Offers tongue relief with either a small port or a flexible mouthpiece.

  • Rotates on to the tongue to apply some tongue pressure. Collapses to form a "U" shape instead of a "V" shape, protecting the lips and bars from being pinched. Curves to allow more room for the tongue, protects the lips and bars from being pinched.
  • Myler bit sizing is substantially larger than most brands.

  • Myler Bitting = Determining My Horse's Level
  • Level 2
  • - Young or green, just beginning training, with steady disposition
  • - Older, just beginning training, training for new discipline, or retraining after long lapse
  • - Riding in a Level 1 mouthpiece and showing resistance

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