Minos Vision Precision Bit



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Minos Vision Precision Universal bit has a straight mouthpiece shape combined with a lozenge link. 

Enabling a soft contact but with extreme control. Popular bit with the show jumpers, as it offers varying effects of leverage, depending on how your horse is feeling or travelling as to whether the rider chooses in increase or decrease leverage. This is done by altering the position on the rings. Reins on middle ring offers mild, to reins on Pelham keepers (leather rounding that loops from middle ring to lower ring) for medium leverage and reins of bottom rings for extra leverage. Great to get horses travelling more on their haunches and offers assistance to rider for preparedness in the jumping ring. This bit is also great on the turning aids so gel bit guards may add some extra comfort to the mouth.

Thickness: 16mm

Recommend using with Bit Guards; sold as an extra.