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HBE Pony Eggbutt

HBE Pony Eggbutt

A double joined Eggbutt with a flat middle link.

  • Ring Size: 45mm
  • Mouthpiece thickness: 12mm
  • German Silver mouth with Stainless Steel cheek

Suitable for horses that require an improvement of the contact with the bit. Eggbutts are great for horses with sensitive mouth lips, as they prevent them from being split. They also prevent the bit from being pulled through the mouth, enabling the mouthpiece to apply gentle pressure onto the central area of the tongue. The mouthpiece is kept steady in this horses mouth as the cheeks are fixed to the mouthpiece. 


Suitable for:  All rounder great bit suitable for most types. Horses who like consistent contact but soft enough for a standard snaffle. Great cost effective bradoon to use in double bit set.

Stainless Steel with German Silver mouthpiece. German Silver is  a warm metal which encourages salivation for softening and acceptance of the bit.

Fitting Instructions: Please ensure lozenge is facing downwards 45deg as in picture. Otherwise horse will not receive same comfort.

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