Bombers Kimberley Dee Ultra Comfy Lock Up




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The Kimberley Dee Ultra Comfy Lock Up is a great bit that we love to recommend for horses who are looking for stability in the contact. You may wish to use this style if you want to provide your horse with 50% jaw relief and 50% tongue relief from the bit. The Kimberley Dee cheekpiece will assist lateral aids and assist in stopping the bit from being pulled through the mouth. 

A popular style used for Dressage, Pleasure and Western. Is Dressage Legal.

Further description: The mouthpiece has a locking centre joint and curved mouthpiece of the Ultra comfy Lock Up Snaffle from Bombers Bits are designed to remove the nutcracker action of a conventional single-jointed snaffle, so this bit will bear less pressure on the bars of the horse's mouth. The mouthpiece cannot bend beyond a certain point, so it remains in a curve in the mouth, rather than forming a V-shape that could rub the top of the horse's palate.