HBE Emily Eggbutt Bradoon



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Make your horse's riding experience even more comfortable and pleasant with the HBE Emily Bradoon. Crafted with German Silver mouth and stainless steel cheekpiece, this bit provides a balanced contact on the central area of the tongue. 

  • Ring Size: 55mm
  • Mouthpiece thickness: 14mm
  • German Silver mouth with Stainless Steel cheek
  • Size: 10.5cm has a cheekpiece size of 45mm and 12mm thickness

Suitable for:  All rounder great bit suitable for most types. Horses who like consistent contact but soft enough for a standard snaffle. Great cost effective bradoon to use in double bit set.

Stainless Steel with German Silver mouthpiece. German Silver is  a warm metal which encourages salivation for softening and acceptance of the bit.

Fitting Instructions: Please ensure lozenge is facing downwards 45deg as in picture. Otherwise horse will not receive same comfort.

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