Eldonian Balding Gag


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Balding Loose Ring Gag


by eJeffries Saddlery

Stainless Steel


A conventional loose ring gag bit whereby rope or leather straps attach to your bridle. The straps slide through the gag bit rings quickly and allow you release the gag action in an instant.


The gag rein is placed through both sides of the eggbutt ring attaching to the cheek pieces and the reins.

The pressure on the reins does not get diffused, therefore the pressure is directed straight to the horse's poll, being one of your horses most sensitive areas.

When the rider lifts their hands, the bit lifts up and asks the horse to lift his head. This bit is popular in the jumping and polo arenas.


This is the loose ring version. For the eggbutt version, see Cheltenham Gag.


Maybe be utilised as a training tool for a horse that is travelling too low in the poll and/or too strong.