Wonder Gag




Wonder Gag

Made from stainless steel, by eJeffries Saddlery direct from Europe.

The wonder gag is a variation the of gag bit.

As a typical bit, when the reins are taken up, this bit applies pressure to the lips. In addition, poll pressure is applied when reins are attached to the shank. This means that the reins can be attached to either the rings or the shank. When the reins are attached to the shank (shank is attached/below the rings), leverage is then applied, applying pressure to the horses poll. The longer the shank, the more pressure is applied.

Like other gags, this bit can be used with the reins buckled to the ring, and this drastically reduces its severity. The wonder bit is used to retrain or school horses that pull through the bit or that have learned to go beneath the bit. 

This is a strong bit, for the strong forward-going horse. Recommended for experienced riders.

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