Winning Tongue Plate Full Cheek Bit with Extended Plate

Winning Tongue Plate


 Great bit for young horses and breakers. The cheekpieces give the horse stability and direction with turning aids. Whilst the mouthpiece of a WTP is gentle and distributes the pressure across the mouth.

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How and Why WTP Bits work:


Winning Tongue Plate Benefits:

  • Stops bit pinching the tongue
  • Stope the tongue going over the bit
  • Stops roof rubbing and lips pinching
  • Stops the tongue hanging out of the mouth
  • Stops the horse headshaking, pulling, bolting
  • Stops the horse hanging, rearing, bucking
  • Stops displacement of the soft palate
  • Stops the mouth opening and respiratory noise
  • Better oxygen supply therefore better speed
  • Amazing soft and responsive contact
  • The horse is happier and easier to control 


Bit Thickness: 16mm

Available in sizes:  5" and 5.5"