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Waldhausen Full Cheek Snaffle - double jointed

Waldhausen Full Cheek Snaffle

This Full Cheek Snaffle by Waldhausen is a great everyday bit. Made from stainless steel. Double jointed, meaning that the bit has a lozenge in the centre of the mouthpiece. This lozenge avoids the nutcracker effect towards the palate of the horses mouth, when the reins are picked up, instead resulting in pressure on the bars of the horses mouth.

 Benefits of a Full Cheek Snaffle:
• Long and extended cheekpieces above and below the mouthpiece with a ring attached to it. The cheeks have a good lateral guiding effect which enhances the response of the horse on the outside rein when riding bends and circles
• The leverage effect is not very high. It can be increased however when used with bit keepers, which keep the bit more fixed in the mouth
• Full-cheek-snaffles have proven to be especially good for training young horses and lunging work.

Bit Thickness: 16mm

Cheek Length: 16cm

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