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Toklat Waterford D-Ring


Toklat Waterford D-Ring


Toklat Waterford D-Ring

From the makers of Myler bits, high quality horse bits from USA

The rounded chain link design of the Waterford prevents a horse from locking onto the bit and pulling against the rider’s hands.
The flexible design also distributes the bit’s effect across the horse’s entire mouth, from lips to the entire tongue.
When the rider exerts strong, even pressure with both reins, the Waterford’s links work as a solid unit, creating a unified bridge across the horse’s tongue. Due to the many bubbly bumps, there are numerous points of pressure or contact. In essence the Waterford transitions from a fairly mild bit to a more severe one.
When used on a strong horse that pulls on the bit, the Waterford is most efficient when the rider isolates one rein aid at a time, which initiates the rolling effect produced by the shape of the bit’s mouthpiece.

Mouthpiece Thickness: 16mm

Stainless Steel

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