Stubben Ez Control Loose Ring Snaffle


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The Stubben Ez Control Loose Ring Snaffle functions as a snaffle with light rein pressure.
It will lock up to a rigid effect and functions as a mullen mouth when pressure is increased.
• Acts on the lips, tongue and bars.
• Excellent training bit with light snaffle effects changing to increased tongue pressure of the mullen mouth.
• Horses that tend to get strong are corrected by a change of pressure points in the mouth.
• Thickness: 16mm / Ring size: 70mm

Our notes: This Bit is Dressage Legal as a snaffle

Recommended for the horse that has a tendency to pull through the hand, or hand on one rein. Horse that reefs the reins.

How does it work?

When your horse behaves in this manner and resists the riders hands, the Bit will lock up to form the shape of a straight mouth. Therefore the Bit is rigid and slightly uncomfortable for him. The horse will quickly discover that once he gives again to the rein, the Bit will unlock and begin moving fluidly again, therefore being more comfortable. 

We have received fantastic reviews from our customers who have purchased this Bit especially for OTTB or horses who do not fully understand the rein aid.