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Stubben Weymouth Double Bridle Bit Set

Your new Stubben Double Bit Set Includes:
    • Stubben Loose Ring Bradoon

               55mm Rings & 14mm Bit Thickness

    •  Stubben Weymouth Bit -

                5cm or 7cm long Shank, you choose!

                & 16mm Bit thickness

        • Stubben Stainless Steel Curb chain
        • Curb Cover


          • Elegant, gentle and strong.
          • The port of the mouthpiece is bent forwards at 30° angle,.
          • Stainless steel Cheeks with the combination of Sweet Copper mouth make this bit extremely strong and reliable.
          • The flat curb chain hooks prevent the horse’s lips from being pinched.
          • Our curb chain, with flat hooks, is easier to adjust to the each horse’s chin, because you don‘t have to twist it like a conventional curb chain, so it can lie flat in the chin groove.



          Sizing: Select the size of your current snaffle that you are using now. You will be sent that size in the Bradoon and a 1/4" size smaller in the Weymouth. Eg. a 5" Set, you will be sent 5" Bradoon and 4.75" Weymouth

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