Stubben Bradoon


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  • Ring Size: 55mm & thickness: 14mm
  • Sizes 4.75" or smaller have Ring Size: 45mm & thickness: 11mm
  • SWEET copper mouthpiece with stainless steel rings.

Benefits of the SWEET copper mouthpiece:
• Better acceptance by the horse
• Pleasant taste
• Encourages chewing and promotes salivation
• The solid copper compound (90% copper, 7% iron aluminium, nickel-free) ensures an excellent stability
• Your horse will love SWEET copper

Advantages of the double jointed snaffle bit:
• No painful pressure on the gums
• Even and mouth-friendly distribution of pressure from the Reins on tongue and bars.
• Better acceptance by the horse
• No nutcracker effect
• Facilitates communication between horse and rider

Benefits of the rings:
• The movable rings of the snaffle bit automatically ensure the correct position of the bit in the horse’s mouth when the Reins are taken
• The freely movable rings enable the horse to slightly change the position of the bit in his mouth, this stimulates chewing and leads to a better acceptance
• For green horses and inexperienced riders a the snaffle bit should always be the first choice.

Stübben STEELtec Quality:
• No rough edges that could hurt the horse’s mouth
• Long durability due to selected materials
• A special processing technology ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer


Horse Bit Emporium Notes: When fitting your Bradoon and Weymouth, attempt to have your bradoon 0.25" larger than your Weymouth. This allows enough room for the Weymouth purchase and its cheek straps. Eg, Order the Bradoon at your normal snaffle size and the Weymouth 0.25" smaller.


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