Neue Schule Slimma Double Bit Set


 NS Slimma Weymouth with a gentle port and 14mm mouthpiece thickness with the NS Tranz Angled Bridoon, also a 14mm Mouthpiece.

This combination gives the horse a lightweight set of bits, both designed to sit unobtrusively in the mouth.  The Tranz Bridoon is a good shape and thickness to encourage a good contact and prevent the horse backing off the hand.

A very simple and elegant set that is well suited to the horse with no real issues in the snaffle, nor any issues with mouth confirmation.
- Elegant 7cm shanks well suited to both dressage or the show ring.  

Size: Select your current snaffle size.  You will be sent a bridoon in this size and the weymouth a 1/4" smaller.

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