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Neue Schule Pony Full Cheek Snaffle 4”


Reinforces the turning aid and helps with straightness
- Good for young horses as will not pull through the mouth and helps with directional control.
- The upper cheeks may be fixed to the cheek pieces to stabilise the mouthpiece further.
- The fixed full cheeks assist with keeping the bit stiller in the mouth.  This can be of benefit to the horse that is slightly unsteady in the contact, or to help smooth out the bumps from a rider with unsteady hands.
- Featuring the lovely NS Tranz Angled Lozenge mouthpiece, with oval shaped arms which give a wide weight bearing surface, but take up less height under the palate.
- Cheeks are scaled down to better suit the smaller pony heads.
- Dressage Legal.
- 10mm mouthpiece

Great bit for youngsters and also good for young children learning to steer!

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