HBE German Silver Loose Ring Snaffle



A double joined snaffle with a middle link, which is angled forward by 45°.

  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Rings: 55mm
  • German Silver mouth with Stainless Steel cheeks

How does the 45deg angled lozenge help?
Only with this angle the link lies softly on the tongue resulting in even and constant contact which provide clear instructions through the reins. 

Suitable for:  All rounder great bit suitable for most types. Great cost effective snaffle to use as an everyday bit.

Stainless Steel with German Silver mouthpiece. German Silver is  a warm metal which encourages salivation for softening and acceptance of the bit.

Fitting Instructions: Please ensure lozenge is facing downwards 45deg as in picture. Otherwise horse will not receive same comfort.

Note: sizing is the smaller side