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HBE Half Moon Bit

HBE Half Moon Bit

MKII of our Half Moon Bit now with improved design and more sizes now available

Shaped bit for comfort and control

This bit is free moving and had the flexibility of a jointed mouth bit however in moments of resistance the bit will momentarily lock to a mullen mouth, until horse gives, bit will move fluidly again.

This bit reduces tongue pressure and palate injury risk


Suitable for:  Educating and training the horse for competition. Helpful for horses that are more one sided than the other, assisting in control and steering. Assist horses who are struggling to learn advanced lateral movements and being 'one sided' in these movements.

Stainless Steel with German Silver coated half moon link. German Silver is  a warm metal which encourages salivation for softening and acceptance of the bit.

Bit Thickness: 12mm

Ring Size: 65mm


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