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Happy Mouth 4-Ring Dutch Gag

Happy Mouth

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Happy Mouth 4-Ring Dutch Gag

The gag produces a head raising action and is often used for cross country and/or jumping where the head needs to be raised quickly in order to gain control and so to get ready for the next jump Happy Mouth bits are covered with a soft, flexible, yet extremely durable, apple-scented plastic which encourages acceptance and softness. The Happy Mouth Mullen Mouth Full Cheek has an inner core of twisted wire for more flexibility. 

The 4-Ring Gag has 5 options for use:

  1. Most Mild - Reins on Large Ring (refer to this as ring 2). When the first rein is attached to the snaffle rein it is used just like a loose ring hanging cheek bit, which uses poll pressure and lip pressure due to the sliding loose ring also applies various pressures in the mouth depending on the mouthpiece it is in conjunction with.
  2. Rein on 3rd Ring
  3. Most Leverage Action - Rein on 4th (bottom) ring. If the bit is only used with one rein on the lower ring, then the pressure in applied constantly and no pressure release is available for the horse.
  4. Pelham Roundings with rein attached to Roundings (also known as Equalisers)
  5. Dual reins. Suggest rein used on largest ring/2nd ring and second set of reins attached on bottom rings.4th ring. Suitable for experienced rider.  When the second rein is attached to the ring below, the pressures are increased as the lower rings produce more leverage. In the instance of using 2 reins then this bit can be used as a hanging cheek bit and then when more help is required, the second rein can be brought into play.

      Horses like the lasting apple taste of these bits, as it stimulates chewing activity. Smooth plastic upper, bit rings and links made of rust-free stainless steel.

All cheeks are stainless steel.

Bit Thickness: 20mm